luca wyss

I'm a freelance webdesigner working on the field of arts and creative companies. I'm specialized in responsive webdesign, digital design and video editing.


Working with artists and creative companies, I am focused on helping them to share and communicate theirs work and projects. I did websites for a set designer of Bruxelles, for a circus company based in Paris, for a painter in Lausanne, for a hand-made cosmetics company working between Barcelona & Buenos Aires, for cooking collective in Buenos Aires, for a Paris-based visual artist, for a recycling fashion design company in Valparaiso, for a creative entrepreneurship initiative between Paris, Pristina & Beirut, ...


I work the design as an artisan, line by line, loving the code. Following the innovations of the standards, I stay up to date about the trends and bests practices. Finding the bests match between the needs of my clients and the design trends; from flat design to atomic design, from frameworks to open source cms. I usually work with wordpress and grav cms. I like to use bootstrap and materialize frameworks. see the projects


Aside of my webdesign work, I developed a documentary practice. From shooting live to editing. I master the work flow of video content. I have to admit that my speciality is editing. I love to find the bests on the available footage. The rhythm and the precise cuts are my main tools. see my vimeo


Loving the books, I edited few myself. On this process, I learned the joy of print graphic design. This brought me to work on book for poets, writing workshops and artisanal breweries. I work all the process end-to-end; from illustration to print and binding. see the folio


Working mostly on the creative and art fields, I happen to work as projects coordinator various times. In the istanbul biennal, I manage the coordination of all video artists presented on the exhibition. Later on, I coordinated the illegal_cinema project in les Laboratoires d'aubervillers. This gave me the ability to manage projects on large scale and with transversale skills.